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Fit.Q Organic KETO Chocolate

Fit.Q Organic KETO Chocolate

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Organic I.M.1 Cocoa Beans

Organic Vanilla Powder from Franceone of the most labor-intensive agricultural products in the world, making them one of the most precious spices.

Organic Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT C8 Oil, Aracia gum) Powder from the Philippinescreating a conducive environment for ketosis and supplying the body with a steady stream of energy.

Organic Inulin - The Natural Treasure, the Source of Health

The selected raw material is organic Jerusalem artichokes grown in the highlands of the northwest, with the production process employing advanced nanofiltration membrane separation technology for repeated extraction and refinement.

Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener - Extract from the Divine Fruit

Naturally extracted from fresh monk fruit: Monk fruit sweetener is a non-sugar sweetening component that has only sweetness, no calories, does not cause dental caries, weight gain, or blood sugar fluctuations, making it an ideal sugar substitute for the obese, fitness enthusiasts, and diabetic population.

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